We are here to provide support or help in doing Assignments.You can post all your questions here.We can help you by providing inputs to resolve your questions.Also we do complete your Assignments on your behalf of you for payment.

                        The topics/questions/assignments that can be addressed are related to operating systems (OS structure, Processes, threads, synchronization, CPU scheduling, Deadlocks, Main memory, Virtual memory) , Software Engineering (Requirements, classical analysis, object-oriented analysis, Design, implementation, post delivery maintenance, UML language), Compiler Design and Construction,Web Technology(Web design,HTML5, CSS styles, colors on web pages, html pages), Web Programming(Web media, Server side development with php, php arrays and super global variables, php classes and objects, Working with databases, Managing state, Web application design), UNIX(Shell Scripting, vi editor, emacs editor, Unix commands, files structure, permissions on file ), Linux(RedHat , ubantu), Java, computer networks, Database management(Oracle,MySQL) and any other if requested.

                You can post your questions or your assignments in the FORUM - http://mastersassignment.blogspot.com/p/forum.html

                 You can request for help or you can ask our team to work on your assignment for payment.Once you post your questions on forum we will get back to you Or you can send an email to soujanyablogger@gmail.com. Thanks

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